On Wednesday, we had the unique honor to be a part of the Live Interactive Tele-Forum - Occupy Wall Street
A Conversation With Justin Wedes and Sandra
Organizers for Occupy Wall Street in New York City
which has inspired over 1,500 similar protests and occupations around the world

We felt it was important to present this broadcast to our listeners to hear first hand from the NYC organizers what the issues and concerns are and what the expected outcome is from this type of action. "Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is inspiring tens of thousands of people in the US and around the world to take a stand for economic justice and for societies that serve the common good. During this Tele-Forum we will have an in-depth discussion with two of the movement's organizers about its origins, current status and future plans. Over the last 2 weeks, Tele-Forum featured speaker Justin Wedes has appeared on WNYC with Brian Lehrer, Democracy Now with Amy Goodman and many other media outlets regarding OWS.
This Tele-Forum is interactive! For at least half of the call, listeners can ask questions and make comments talking directly with the speakers. Listeners with computers can also write questions the speakers can see during the call. We will even set up a Round Table with several callers at a time to discuss certain aspects of OWS. "

 Hear the interview below:

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