After joining a social video app called Klip, I quickly discovered a fantastic singer with the voice of an angel.  This young lady has been hands down one of the most popular non celebrity singer on the app.  With a voice that sometimes gives you chills and other times make you smile and want to rush to the local store to find her CD , Naj aka Udunome is truly a star.

Her online demeanor is kind, gracious, fun, witty and charming.  She has touched the hearts of people around the world and all without having sold a single track or CD.  Many are wondering when, where and how will this wonderful talent hit the mainstream?  We can only hope and pray that she will come under the guidance of a kind and caring A&R who will treat her as the gift that she truly is.  Not comparing her to Whitney, but Clive Davis come forth and develop this jewel.  The world needs her voice.
Until that day comes, The Working Lady is honored and privileged to call her sister and friend and to have the opportunity to get the first exclusive World interview from The Best Singer, You Never Heard.  To hear what this lady is capable of check her out on Klip (social app), you will not be disappointed.  Let's Go Ya'll!!!!!™