An accidental search for a friend's Facebook page led me to the wrong Rahn with a positive message.  When I came across his page, I was intrigued at the fact that the wrong Rahn just so happened to be a musician.  I decided since I was there to click on the song that was posted on his page.  The song I heard was entitled "Hold On" .  The song spoke to my spirit from the moment that I heard it.  I immediately reposted it on my page, did some research on the wrong Rahn and reached out to him.  We originally featured the song on our show  July 17, 2011 and I have been working on getting the interview since then.    

After a couple of missed opportunities and scheduling conflicts, the day finally arrived for me to introduce our audience to this truly inspirational talent.  After my conversations, I have found Rahn Anthoni to be a miraculous, humble, sensitive, passionate father, actor, singer with a message that the world should hear and that is to take "One Step At a Time" and to "Hold On"
Recently nominated for 2 NAACP Image Awards - The sky is the limit for this artist who has tapped into his life hardships to produce a message of Hope to the masses.  
Follow him, Friend him, Subscribe to him, but most importantly Hold on to him, for surely he is a rising star.  
We are now featuring his song as our closing song each week. I am glad that I found the wrong Rahn which in the end turned out to be just the Rahn we needed.  Thank you Rahn Anthoni for enduring your trials to create great music.
Dee Spencer, aka DeeWorks